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Post Partum Girdle

$138.00 $96.60 up to 30% off!
Back to health after birth!

 3,283 Reviews

The Postpartum Girdle is the best choice for continued support. It's designed to smooth the appearance of your lower abdomen after childbirth.

Prevention Care

$92.00 $64.40 30% off!

2,283 Reviews

Antioxidant source

Comfortable breast support

Maintain a good health

This bundle is known as preventive  breast cancer, Le’vive Red has properties that prevent the production of cancer cells, while the correct use of the Angel bra may help to detect any  irregular in your breast   

Pure Noni

$66.00 $46.20 30% off!

Purifying Masque

$33.00 $23.10 30% off!

Rejuvenating Night Cream

$33.00 $23.10 30% off!

Reshape and revive

$150.00 $105.00 30% off!

4,283 Reviews

Excellent source of antioxidants

Relieves Back Pain

Reduces 2 to 3 sizes.

The Customer favorites in a Bundle!!  This Duo is the perfect combination to improve your body from the inside by nourishing with the most powerful antioxidants and outside by reshaping and improving your figure.  


$64.00 $44.80 30% off!

2,283 Reviews

Stronger Immunity

Better Cell Function

Greater Energy

SHIELD+T TM includes unique and powerful ingredients which work together to increase innate (first line of defense) and adaptive (second line of defense) immune responses! Other ingredients provide energy for overall well-being.    

Slim Shaper

$118.00 $82.60 up to 30% off!

Contour & Support for Back and Waist!

2,283 Reviews

Designed using latex material. The straps are adjustable for your personal comfort. This reshaper is ideal for helping to contour the back and waist. Not recommended to be worn for more than 4 hours per day.

The Original Formula

$53.00 $37.10 30% off!
Healthy, unique, coffee blends! More than just coffee, the entire line of De León Café contains unique & healthy ingredients. These blends are perfectly balanced formulas with exceptional flavor, aroma and significant health benefits. This instant coffee line contains a key ingredient, a polypore mushroom called “Ganoderma.” It originated in Asia where it has been used in traditional medicine for some time. Ganoderma has may aid your immune system by increasing immune cell activity. Additionally, this product may facilitate normal levels of healthy cholesterol & triglyceride.  

Ultra Cleanse

$66.00 $46.20 30% off!

Womens essentials

$80.00 $56.00 30% off!

Wonder body

$150.00 $105.00 30% off!

5,283 Reviews

Provides a natural breast lift

Reduces measurements

Complete back support

These two are the Ardyss Best Seller! This is a full Resharper cover, Angel Bra provides you real and comfortable breast support while Body Magic aids to reduce 2 to 3 sizes and at the same time correct and relieves back pain  

Workout Companion

$90.00 $63.00 30% off!


$53.00 $37.10 30% off!

Ardyss Multi-Plus

$58.00 $40.60 30% off!
Optimize your Health & Wellness!

6,283 Reviews

Is a delicious and refreshing premium supplement formulated with multivitamins, antioxidants, aloe vera, minerals, and herbal extracts to help promote immune health as well as overall health and wellbeing.

Cellulite Body Wrap

$38.00 $26.60 30% off!

Coral Calcium

$55.00 $38.50 30% off!
Essential calcium for Everyone!

 3,283 Reviews

Complete source of calcium to help nourish your body and skeletal system and help you maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Cran Aloe

$60.00 $42.00 30% off!

1,283 Reviews

Revitalize your body

Support the urinary tract

Support your kidney health

This bundle is just perfect to prevent and protect your body from age signs thanks to their powerful antioxidants and also provides a good source of green, that helps to complement your daily portion of vegetables.  

Collagen Capuccino

$53.00 $37.10 30% off!
Collagen Formula Healthy, unique, coffee blends! More than just coffee, the entire line of De León Café contains unique &

De Leon Cafe: Weight Loss

$53.00 $37.10 30% off!
Weight Loss Formula Healthy, unique, coffee blends! More than just coffee, the entire line of De León Café contains unique

Green 29

$41.00 $28.70 30% off!
The essential greens your body needs! Green 29 was designed to help in maintaining stabilized pH levels in the blood.

Le’Vive Green

$55.00 $38.50 30% off!
Your Everyday Detox Solution! Le’Vive Green provides the body with nutrients that re-energizes, detoxifies, and revitalizes. This juice provides high

Le’Vive Slim

$53.00 $37.10 30% off!

5,183 Reviews

Promotes Weight Loss

May Reduce the formation of fatty acids

Increases Endurance energy levels

Healthy option for those looking to stay “slim” but are always on the go! Just add the contents of each package to a bottle of water. Le´ Vive Slim contains Garcinia cambogia and Maca for weight control and added energy, along with the powerful blend of antioxidant juices found in Ardyss Le´ Vive.