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Diva Shaper

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Bringing sexy back!

2,283 Reviews

Diva shaper supports the back, reshapes the waist, and compresses the abdominal areas. Creates a perfect silhouette for the body. This garment is created to be almost invisible! Ideal for everyday wear. Available in a unique and innovative lace design.

Energy and vitality

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Zing! + Le’Vive Red

3,183 Reviews

A combination of powerful antioxidants and a blend of nutrients that support vitality, a healthy drive and stamina.

Eye Repair Serum

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Fat burner

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Cafe Weight Loss Formula + Le’Vive Slim

1,113 Reviews

A complete source of antioxidants that helps to revitalize your body from the inside out with a side of delicious caffeine.


$52.00 $39.00 25% off!

 3,483 Reviews

Youthful, Radiant Skin

 Improves Mood

Strengthens Immune System

Feminyn is a powerful nutritional supplement ideal for any stage of a woman’s life. It is focused on providing vitamins, minerals, and the necessary extracts to nourish your body.  Contains 60 Capsules  

General wellbeing

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Abdomen + Le’Vive Red

1,783 Reviews

Great for prevention and protection, helping to complement your daily dose of vegetables and antioxidants.

Lift and sculpt

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Panty Reshaper + Trimming Gel

1,383 Reviews

Our new best kept secret: a combination of medical-grade compression and our incredible gel on the buttocks area to give you a natural, round up look.

Maternity wealth

$150.00 $112.50 25% off!
Slim Shaper + Le’Vive Slim

1,983 Reviews

Encourage fat burn with this incredible system that helps to increase energy levels and reduce the appearance of your waistline and the upper body.

Memory Fusion

$50.00 $37.50 25% off!
Advanced Brain Health Elevate Your Brain’s Clarity, Energy, and Capacity to a Higher Level! MEMORY FUSION™ offers you the latest

Panty Illusion

$65.00 $48.75 25% off!

The booty booster!

3,283 Reviews

Levels the stomach and distributes the thighs to a correct position, creating a better appearance. Its unique and innovative high-waisted design reduces the tummy while correcting posture by lifting the buttocks.

Panty Reshaper

$71.00 $53.25 25% off!
Reshape your Buttocks & Hips!

1,283 Reviews

Works by helping to re-distribute the buttock muscles, enhancing the buttock's appearance. This reshaper provides shape, volume, and consistency to the lower back giving a rounded, pushed back, and slightly raised shape.

Postpartum Girdle

$138.00 $103.50 25% off!
Back to health after birth!

 3,283 Reviews

The Postpartum Girdle is the best choice for continued support. It's designed to smooth the appearance of your lower abdomen after childbirth.