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Everyday Abdomen Support!

 4,283 Reviews

This men’s reshaper is designed to give you firm abdominal support and reinforce the lower back. This shirt can reduce the appearance of the waist up to 2 sizes and helps to give you a fitter look.


$58.00 $31.90 45% off!
Perfect Back Support!

4,283 Reviews

This garment is designed to give abdominal support and reinforce the lower back. This Garment is made from a special material excellent for everyday wear.


Corselette De’luxe

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Confortable Support

4,283 Reviews

Wonderfully designed for the working woman to help support the lower back by encouraging good posture as well as providing support to the bust area. Shoulder straps are adjustable with 3 rows of hooks in the front to adjust to your comfort.

Corset Golden

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Redefine your Waistline!

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While wearing this reshaper, your waist size can be reduced up to 2 sizes as the corset straightens your torso and back for great posture instantly. Three rows of hooks allow you to adjust the corset to your comfort level to enable a continuous refinement of your figure. On each side, it incorporates a flexible rod that goes from below the bust to the pelvis.

Diva Shaper

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Bringing sexy back!

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Diva shaper supports the back, reshapes the waist, and compresses the abdominal areas. Creates a perfect silhouette for the body. This garment is created to be almost invisible! Ideal for everyday wear. Available in a unique and innovative lace design.

Panty Illusion


The booty booster!

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Levels the stomach and distributes the thighs to a correct position, creating a better appearance. Its unique and innovative high-waisted design reduces the tummy while correcting posture by lifting the buttocks.

Panty Reshaper

$71.00 $42.60 40% off!
Reshape your Buttocks & Hips!

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Works by helping to re-distribute the buttock muscles, enhancing the buttock's appearance. This reshaper provides shape, volume, and consistency to the lower back giving a rounded, pushed back, and slightly raised shape.

Postpartum Girdle

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Back to health after birth!

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The Postpartum Girdle is the best choice for continued support. It's designed to smooth the appearance of your lower abdomen after childbirth.

Slim Shaper

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Contour & Support for Back and Waist!

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Designed using latex material. The straps are adjustable for your personal comfort. This reshaper is ideal for helping to contour the back and waist. Not recommended to be worn for more than 4 hours per day.