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Antioxidant Shot

$88.00 $74.80 15% off!
Le’Vive Red + Le’Vive Green

1,183 Reviews

Is a great choice for prevention and protection, as it complements your daily intake of vegetables and antioxidants.  

Energy and vitality

Zing! + Le’Vive Red

3,183 Reviews

A combination of powerful antioxidants and a blend of nutrients that support vitality, a healthy drive and stamina.

Fat burner

$87.00 $69.60 20% off!
Cafe Weight Loss Formula + Le’Vive Slim

1,113 Reviews

A complete source of antioxidants that helps to revitalize your body from the inside out with a side of delicious caffeine.

General wellbeing

Abdomen + Le’Vive Red

1,783 Reviews

Great for prevention and protection, helping to complement your daily dose of vegetables and antioxidants.

Lift and sculpt

Panty Reshaper + Trimming Gel

1,383 Reviews

Our new best kept secret: a combination of medical-grade compression and our incredible gel on the buttocks area to give you a natural, round up look.

Maternity wealth

Slim Shaper + Le’Vive Slim

1,983 Reviews

Encourage fat burn with this incredible system that helps to increase energy levels and reduce the appearance of your waistline and the upper body.

Prevention Care

Angel Bra + Le’Vive Red

1,983 Reviews

Known for helping combat breast cancer, this duo decreases the levels of harmful free radicals with its antioxidants, while promoting a self check out when putting on the bra by detecting any irregularities.

Reshape and revive

Body Magic + Le’Vive Red

1,183 Reviews

Definitely a favorite! The perfect combination to improve your body from the inside out, by nourishing it with the most powerful antioxidants, and reshaping your figure at the same time.

Size Dropper

Body Magic + Trimming Gel

1,123 Reviews

Designed to improve the body’s appearance by combining one of our best selling garments and our incredible moisturizing and smoothing gel.

Smooth and Lift

Corselette De’luxe + Panty Reshaper

3,183 Reviews

Panty reshaper provides a beautiful and natural booty lifter aspect while the Corselette De’Luxe supports the complete back and diminishes the pain of an incorrect posture and at the same time smooths your waist providing you a beautiful shape.

The Perfect fit

Slim Shaper + Panty Reshaper

1,183 Reviews

Panty reshaper provides a beautiful and natural booty lifter aspect while the Slim Shape has adjustable straps and is perfect for those people who don’t like rods but are still looking for the same effect of a corset by promoting a good posture and smooths your waistline.

Tone and Tight

Corset Golden + Panty Reshaper

4,183 Reviews

Panty reshaper provides a beautiful and natural booty lifter aspect while the Golden Corset aids to enhance and reduce the waistline size.