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Antioxidant Shot

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Fight Inflammation

Youthful Skin

This bundle is just perfect to prevent and protect your body from age signs thanks to their powerful antioxidants and also provides a good source of green, that helps to complement your daily portion of vegetables.

Energy and vitality

$88.00 $61.60 30% off!

2,283 Reviews

Increases your libido

Provides Energy

Help to focus and learning

This duo will help your body to improve your sexual desire while providing you a source of antioxidants to nourish your body and maintain your health.   

Fat burner

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1,283 Reviews

Support Weight Loss

Increases Energy

Revitalizes Immune System

The perfect duo to increase your energy levels while providing you a complete source of antioxidants that help to revitalize your body from the inside to outside

General wellbeing

$95.00 $66.50 30% off!

Abdomen + Le'Vive Red

 3,283 Reviews

Antioxidant source

Increased Energy

Control and Support Core

Made for Man who wants to take into consideration of their well-being. Le’vive Red helps to maintain your body healthy from the inside, meanwhile, Abdomen is in charge to correct the posture, supporting your back, and controlling the abdomen area.  

Immunity booster

$82.00 $57.40 30% off!
Multi Plus + Shield T

2,283 Reviews

If you’re looking for something to shield up your defenses this is your perfect combo, Multiplus helps your body to protect your immune system, while Shiel+T aids to speed the recovering of common flu.

Lift and sculpt

$82.00 $57.40 30% off!

2,283 Reviews

Moisture the Skin

Control the lower abdomen

Lifts and reshape the booty

Improve the looking of your booty! This bundle will help you to lift your booty, tight and moisture the zone, giving a beautiful appearance  

Maternity wealth

$150.00 $105.00 30% off!

2,283 Reviews

Support Pelvis Area

Ideal for Breastfeeding 

Booty Lifter

For all those mommies who’s recently given birth this bundle is a lifesaver!! Post-Partum Gridle is about to be the perfect partner because provides pelvis support and relieves the area tension and The Angel Bra is so versatile that can be used as a Breastfeeding Bra, because has removable cups.  

Prevention Care

$92.00 $64.40 30% off!

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Antioxidant source

Comfortable breast support

Maintain a good health

This bundle is known as preventive  breast cancer, Le’vive Red has properties that prevent the production of cancer cells, while the correct use of the Angel bra may help to detect any  irregular in your breast   

Reshape and revive

$150.00 $105.00 30% off!

4,283 Reviews

Excellent source of antioxidants

Relieves Back Pain

Reduces 2 to 3 sizes.

The Customer favorites in a Bundle!!  This Duo is the perfect combination to improve your body from the inside by nourishing with the most powerful antioxidants and outside by reshaping and improving your figure.  

Womens essentials

$80.00 $56.00 30% off!

Wonder body

$150.00 $105.00 30% off!

5,283 Reviews

Provides a natural breast lift

Reduces measurements

Complete back support

These two are the Ardyss Best Seller! This is a full Resharper cover, Angel Bra provides you real and comfortable breast support while Body Magic aids to reduce 2 to 3 sizes and at the same time correct and relieves back pain  

Workout Companion

$90.00 $63.00 30% off!