Embrace your body and show those natural curves. Discover what our shapewear can do for you!

4,460 Reviews

Body Magic

Flatten & Control your Abs!

4,460 Reviews

List Price $126.00
With Deal:$107.10

Body Fashion

Reduces your waist up to sizes

4,560 Reviews

List Price $138.00
With Deal: $110.40


Take your body nourishment to the next level with the best natural ingredients in our Nutritionals! You can feel just as good as you look.

Le´Vive Slim

Slim down on the Go!

2,460 Reviews

List Price $53.00
With Deal: $47.70

Le´Vive Red

Rejuvenate your Body!

7,460 Reviews

List Price $55.00
With Deal: $49.50

Cran Aloe

Essential calcium for Everyone!

3,460 Reviews

List Price $64.00
With Deal: $57.60

Personal Care

If you’re looking for nourishing and silky skin this is your section, take a look!

Mild Facial Cleanser

Detoxifies and purifies the face!

4,160 Reviews

List Price $33.00
With Deal: $29.70

Trimming Gel

Boost your body confidence!

1,460 Reviews

List Price $38.00
With Deal: $34.20

Smoothing Gel

Softer and silky care!

2,160 Reviews

List Price $30.00
With Deal: $27.00

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