Undergoing surgery can take a toll on your body, causing pain, discomfort, and various challenges during the recovery process. However, there is a solution that can significantly alleviate these issues and promote a smoother healing journey: medical-grade compression garments.


Medical compression garments offer superior construction and utilize modern manufacturing techniques, setting them apart from shapewear. While shapewear may excel in style and beauty, the design of medical compression garments is generally more sophisticated and complex. However, it is important to note that the focus of medical-grade garments is primarily on function, rather than appearance. These garments are constructed using solid and durable fabrics that can withstand continuous wear and resist frequent washing and drying.


What Is Medical-Grade Compression?

The principal fabric of medical-grade compression is PowerNet, complemented with fabrics such as latex, lycra, nylon, and more. These materials combine to create a sturdy garment that fits tightly over your body. This material choice allows the compression wear to exert uniform pressure on the surgical site, preventing the development of bruises or painful pressure marks.


Ardyss Garments are designed to conform to the contours of your body. The choice of your medical-grade garment model depends on the specific result that you’re looking for. You can use it on a daily basis as a body supporter and reshaper, or you can also use it on the operation site, providing the required level of pressure for optimal recovery. To ensure effectiveness, medical-grade compression wear should be worn for extended periods of time.


Today, we want to emphasize the importance of using Ardyss Garments as post-surgical compression and how they help your body to recover properly. 


What are the benefits of using Ardyss Medical-Grade Compression Wear After Surgery?

  • Reduced Bruising: After any surgical procedure, there is a disruption to the blood supply in the area, which can lead to bruising. Medical-grade compression, such as the Ardyss Body Magic, helps prevent blood cell dislocation towards the superficial skin layers. By providing uniform pressure, this garment minimizes bruising, ensuring a smoother recovery after procedures like abdominoplasty, stomach liposuction, or C-section.
  • No Skin Sagging: One common concern after surgery is skin sagging and lumping. Medical-grade compression wear plays a crucial role in maintaining contact between the skin and underlying structures. By applying pressure to the surgical area, these garments offer support, accelerate the healing process, and prevent fluid accumulation. They prevent skin sagging and promote optimal tissue recovery.
  • Reduced Swelling: Swelling is a natural response to surgery, but excessive fluid build-up can impede the healing process and lead to discomfort. Our garments have a post-surgical function that effectively controls fluid accumulation in cavities and planes related to the surgical area. By reducing postoperative swelling, these garments ensure that healing tissues receive an adequate supply of nutrients and oxygen. For example, the Ardyss Body Magic is particularly effective following surgeries in the tummy area, preventing fluid accumulation and allowing accurate weight tracking during the recovery period.
  • Improved Blood Circulation: Pain and limited mobility after surgery can negatively impact blood circulation, especially in dependent areas like the legs and back. Improper circulation increases the risk of blood clot formation, which can have serious consequences. Ardyss Body Magic or Ardyss Body Fashion wear provides support to enhance blood circulation and ensure that tissues at the surgical site receive sufficient nutrients and oxygen for proper wound healing. Additionally, healthy blood circulation is crucial in preventing postoperative infections, as fresh blood carries immune cells to fight off potential microbes.

Choosing the right post-surgical garment is crucial for a successful recovery. Ardyss Medical-grade garments offer numerous benefits, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable healing process. Prioritize functionality and comfort over style, and invest in Ardyss medical-grade compression wear to support your body’s healing journey.


Experience the power of medical-grade compression wear and promote a successful postoperative outcome with Ardyss and its selection of garments tailored to your specific needs that can help you in your recovery depending on the type of surgery:


  • Angel Bra: mammoplasty, Post-mastectomy, Breast reduction, etc.
  • Body Magic: Mammoplasty Chest, abdominal wall reconstruction, Liposuction, and Abdominoplasty.
  • Corselette De’luxe: Abdominal wall reconstruction, abdominoplasty, and mammoplasty.
  • Postpartum Girdle: C-Section, natural postpartum.


Visit www.ardyss.com to learn more about the benefits of Ardyss products and choose the right garment for your recovery.

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