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Today we have a very interesting topic about the changes women’s bodies go through the years. Every decade is very special because you can look back and see all the things you did and see how much you have grown, matured, and evolved into the best version of yourself.

Now, the following changes you’ll read in the blog are just some examples and it does not mean that it absolutely will happen to you. There could be more or fewer changes but we wish to help you become aware of the things we can do to slow down the aging process. Let’s find out!

The ’20s:

This is a wonderful decade where you’re about to start an adulthood journey. You might be in college, having wild party nights, feeling like you’re living the life, while having more responsibilities, like having a job, living alone, paying bills, etc. Don’t worry, though, it’s all part of the process and you’re gonna figure it out pretty soon, we promise. However, just like everything else around you, your body will experience some typical changes too and it’s important you recognize them:

Regular cycles

Menstruations start to come cyclically. It is also the golden age of sexual desire. Yes, that innocent activity you have with a stable relationship decreases, while the need for physical affection increases. And it’s okay! Just don’t forget to stay protected and monitor your period monthly!

Curves take shape

Hormonal stabilization can translate into small accumulations of fat in the chest, hips, or thighs, to give rise to a typical female silhouette. It’s important to mention that you should always take care of your eating habits. But specifically in this phase we recommend you to balance the ingestion of alcohol, smoking, fat, and sugar, because those factors may affect your health for years to come.

Skin’s revenge

This is the perfect time to start taking care of your skin, use sunscreen every day even if you are not exposed to the sun, keep it hydrated, moisturize your body, remove make-up before bed, and use products along with your skin type as each exposure leaves an imprint on the ability to produce melanin and on the ability of fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin.

Sounds overwhelming, huh? This should be all about taking your own decisions, being young, wild, and free, but there’s something that you must know. The excesses of the 20s translate into age signs in the 40s, that’s why we should take care from an early stage.

At 30: 

As a woman in her 30s, you’re now a more mature and experienced adult. You’ve put yourself together and today your health is a priority. You start looking for balance in many aspects of your life and appreciate the value of real friends and family. You may be considering entering motherhood (or perhaps you already did) and trying to enjoy every chapter of this new adventure. Here are some changes that could come along:

Hormonal changes

Women produce fewer hormones once they hit 30. Estrogen: the hormone that controls a woman’s monthly cycle, begins to drop around the milestone and then takes another nosedive at 35. This can cause weight gain and lower libido than you’re used to. You may even enter early perimenopause, which can result in mood swings and anxiety.

Bone Loss

From puberty until roughly age 30, a woman’s bones gain density, especially if she exercises regularly and eats a healthy diet rich in vitamin D and calcium. But sadly, bone starts losing density slowly after about age 35, as hormone levels change, the process accelerates after menopause. A healthy lifestyle including exercises, such as walking or weight training, will keep your bones strong both before and after menopause.

Being a Mom

Once you hit the big 30-35 and beyond, we do start seeing a decrease of fertility, but that’s not absolute. Being a mom is spectacular, but you have to be emotionally and mentally ready to do it. So if you are still quite busy with your career, or haven’t found the perfect partner, don’t feel pushed into getting pregnant just to have a child.

Age Signs

You start to see some early signs of aging, like fine lines, loss of volume in cheeks, and heavier pigmentation of sun damage from the past years. Also, decreased collagen production means that your skin will appear less tight. To prevent and delay these signs, you can add some antioxidants, vitamin C, and retinol to your skincare routine. And keep using that sunscreen, reapplying it every 4 hours.

The key to this decade is to have a balanced life, eat as healthy as you can, and find an exercise activity that keeps you motivated to reinforce your bones and keep your muscles active.

At ’40s

They say ’40s are the new 20’s. At this age, we usually have our work-life defined. If we are mothers, children have grown up, and we might feel much more in control of our bodies.

It can be one of the best times of a woman’s life both emotionally, sexually, and physically.  Women at this age and older tend to be more confident and know what they like and need compared to the past. Their dependence and self-criticism become lower, increasing self-confidence and determination.

Hello Gray Hair

You’ve probably already noticed some gray hairs here and there. However, this is nothing to worry about. It is the result of a natural decrease in the amount of melanin your body is producing.


The symptoms may appear as a surprise to some women who did not expect them until they were 50.

The best way to reduce it is to exercise and eliminate sugar, and alcohol, eat foods with lots of omega-3 fatty acids and take on vitamins. But first, we recommend making an appointment with your doctor.

Face Changes

The structure of the face can change significantly. As it loses fat; the nose tends to sink downwards, lips lose volume and the facial structure can be affected by the loss of bone mass.

Changes may seem a bit overwhelming, but for a large majority of women, reaching four decades is equivalent to entering a sort of second youth when done right because they give themselves permission to recover and rediscover themselves in different aspects.

To put it simply, a woman entering her forties may help herself prepare for the impending physical and emotional changes this new decade brings by making healthier lifestyle choices, in return, making the transition years easier to accept.

At 50’s

You’ve now developed meaningful relationships and watched those around you grow. You begin to discover what you find most important and let go of some of the rules that governed your younger days. But along with those immaterial things, your body goes through some changes, as well.


After you turn 50, you start to lose muscle at a faster rate. Your physical strength can get weaker, too. The best way to stop this slide is to lift weights or do strength training exercises like pilates, yoga, or any kind of exercise you feel comfortable with. Not only will you build a leaner muscle mass, but you’ll also improve your sense of balance, which will come in handy as you get older.


During these years, we enter menopause and there are no clear guidelines because every woman has different experiences. As your hormones drop, you might notice things like dry skin, hot flashes, and mood swings. Because the lining of your vagina gets thinner and drier. If this is your case, talk to your doctor. There are plenty of treatments, from antidepressants to hormone therapy, that can help.


If you have to squint when you read your phone, that’s because the lenses inside your eyes get stiffer with age. They can no longer quickly switch from a faraway focus to an up-close view. Glasses may help, so you might need a new vision prescription. The older you get, the more your sight will change, so make sure to get regular eye exams.

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To finalize, we want to remind you that life gives us many lessons to become better as we grow older. It puts us on challenges that make us wiser, and more mature, but it also lets us experience being more human and empathic. We must appreciate every day of our lives as if it were our last because it’s a blessing to feel alive.

Thank you for reading up here. We hope this information makes you aware of the upcoming changes and prepared to help your body slow down the process or prevent many diseases by having healthier habits.

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